Sun City Anthem Community Center – Rosana + Carlos – Las Vegas Wedding Videographers

Our meeting was pre-planned and destined by God a very long time ago in the year 1984. The first time Carlo and I met was at my confirmation party, he came together with some of my relatives and friends. And that was the last time I saw him until we met again 30 years later. In 2014 we met again, but our second meeting was a pure coincidence, he sent me a friend request on Facebook and we hooked up again. Ever since that time, everything has been so magical.

Our first date was one experience that we will not forget for a very long time because it was beautiful and exciting. Our meeting point was in Modesto. He flew in from his home in Miami, and we met on a Saturday afternoon in the lobby of the hotel where he stayed. Immediately we set eyes on each other, we knew we were going to be for each other, we hugged and could not believe that after 30 years we could see face to face again. At the time we first met, he was 23 and I was 16, and now after two months of talking over the phone after meeting again through Facebook. This was an amazing experience, we had a long talk, went out for dinner and we took a drive to Monterrey the next day, and that was the beginning of our love story.

Another beautiful event in our relationship was when Carlo proposed to me. This happened at a restaurant in Modesto, CA during a party my brother had on November 8, 2014. He had the waitress bring the ring to me on a cake plate, and that was after 5 months of seeing each other, twice or ones every month because he lived in Miami, but he would come for visiting on a weekend. But our love know no bound as we talk every day over the phone, our love and care grew as each day passes by.

On the weekend he proposed, Carl came to a dinner party that my brother organized for the end of the harvesting, I am not aware of when or how I had not a clue because we never talked before about marriage or engagement, he surprised me when a waitress brought me a small dessert plate that I requested and seeing a beautiful ring on that plate, I was dazzled. But I still did not understand what was going on, until he popped the question in front of everyone seating in that table, and ofc ourse with excitement and tears in my eyes I said YES.

We chose a beautiful day for our wedding in the late spring because it is neither too cold nor too hot. Not forgetting that this is also the weekend Carlo played the accordion at my confirmation party in 1984. I wanted this day to be a special and a memorable one, we met the 21st for the first time 30 years ago, almost the same time on that date, we found each other on Facebook again, and almost on that same day two month later he came and see me on our first encounter, I believe that there is something magical about the number 21 and may a spring season.

For our reception we chose a Beautiful place. Carlo family reside in the country club and sun city anthem, so we took a drive there, the nature was incredible, open space, lots of natural light, amazing views, but most importantly, the night view over Las Vegas Strip was breath-taken. We chose this location because it had good reviews from couples who have used there before for their weddings and new years’ parties. We had a beautiful drive from the church on a spring afternoon over the hills to get to the venue was spectacular, so we set the date and decided to with this venue.

Every moment of our wedding was amazing and memorable, from our vows to our first dance, every single moment was beautiful. We took our vows in church and made our first promised to love one another, for better or for worse, until death do us apart. Family and friend were present to witness this.

Sun City Anthem Center