The Westin Lake Las Vegas Resort & Spa – Shay + Travis – Las Vegas Wedding Videographers

Venue: The Westin Lake Las Vegas Resort & Spa | Photographers:  Doug Bean (Mindy Bean Photography) | Hair & Makeup: Mayra | Cake/Sweets: Peridot Sweets | DJ/Band:  Harry O Productions | Invitations: Paper & Home | Wedding Planners:  Javier Valentino |Lighting: LED Unplugged |Cinematography: Memory Lane Video, Las Vegas Wedding Videographers

March 6 2011, was a day to remember at NASCAR of all places for Travis and I because that was the day we met at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Due to the traffic, two groups had to tailgate after the race in the parking lot and in the process, a woman whom I got to know was his friend’s wife approached and asked me to partner with her husband’s friend who happened to be Travis in playing beer pong and I gave her a “sure” as an answer. While working over to where the game was being played, Travis came towards me and confirmed if I was truly going to be his partner. I replied him the same way I had replied the woman earlier and in the worst pick up line ever, he replied with “well let’s play beer pong first and we can talk about the other partnership later”.

Speaking about if we had an official first date, well I can’t really say we had though I can remember I once told Travis one night to take me out to dinner. I remember him asking what I wanted that night and I had told him sushi. From his house, we drove to a sushi place down the street and on getting there, he said he wasn’t going to eat there and we eventually went to a restaurant! I always tell him at least he knew that early on that I know what I want!

Our proposal story actually is THE BEST. On the beach at CABO, I had a private horseback ride which was a surprise from Travis. The two of us alone with our guide.  We had fun riding on the beach and we were told we could get off to stretch our legs and take pictures by our guide. I didn’t know that Travis got everything planned so while walking along the edge I expressed my excitement in what sounded like “wow, this is just perfect” and Travis asked if I knew what would make it more perfect. As naïve as I was then of what was going on, I said “cocktails?” but he shook his head, knelt on a knee, said “how about this” and then he brought out the ring! To me that was perfect and I so love that moment because pictures were taken by a tour guide as planned by Travis.

To be honest, our wedding date was chosen because that was the period Travis could be available for his mid-tour since presently he is stationed in Korea. Personally, I chose late April because of the hot weather in May but it worked out perfectly well for it rained seriously on the day I chose in April.

The reason why I chose the Westin at Lake Las Vegas was because I wanted a hotel that could accommodate all the guests that would attend (since it almost feels like you’re not in Vegas). I needed a place that would make the experience seem like a vacation for our guests who would attend if they wished since most of our guests were from Vegas.

One unforgettable memory about our wedding day that will always be on my mind was our walking across the bridge for our first look. Before then, it seemed it was goi9ng to take ages to get ready to see him. Another cherished memory is the surprise song that my mama sang for me. It was awesome and special to me.

I am happy to have had Javier as my wedding planner. I subscribed to most of his suggestions and I am glad I did because I didn’t have to worry about ANYTHING on that day. To me, everything was money well spent.

I was satisfied with the results from all of our vendors; my choice of flowers was delivered, the DJ kept the dance floor full and even the food served at the Westin was delicious from what I am told though I didn’t get a taste of any.

My first contact with Memory Lane Video was at a bridal expo and when I talked about your services, Javier also recommended.

I needed a videographer that specialized in weddings. So I checked your website and made some research. I was pleased with what I saw and cried at some of the videos of strangers but I was confident you would do a good job.

What I admired most about Memory Lane on the day of the wedding, was the fact that there was incredible support from your staff though I cried throughout. There were questions from my family and bridal party which they loved because it wasn’t the regular “do you have any words of wisdom for the happy couple? What would you like to tell them?” statement. Also, I am delighted to see the drone footage too.

It is difficult for me to say why video is important though I have not seen our video yet. But one of the reasons why I wanted it was because I wanted to always go back to hear the comments made by people. I knew that the entire day would be a blur but it was SO much more so than I ever imagined. I literarily felt like I blinked and the DJ was calling for last call. I am extremely happy to be able to go back to listen to my mama’s song over and over again and to be able to listen to my daddy’s speech. One more thing, I think there are some feelings that can’t be expressed in still photos such as mannerisms and body languages, it will be nice to get some of these moments even when we are not around everyone all the time anymore.

Venue: The Westin Lake Las Vegas Resort & Spa | Photographers: Doug Bean (Mindy Bean Photography) | Hair & Makeup: Mayra | Cake/Sweets: Peridot Sweets | DJ/Band: Harry O Productions | Invitations: Paper & Home | Wedding Planners: Javier Valentino |Lighting: LED Unplugged |Cinematography: Memory Lane Video, Las Vegas Wedding Videographers