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Jason is a runner at Mandalay Bay and is currently pursuing his music career. Marilee works as a call center agent at the Palms Casino Resort.

They met twelve years ago through friends. They were friends for many years and their passion for music built their friendship into a partnership as promoters of music events then eventually fell for one another. Something totally unexpected since they were friends for so long already.

The most memorable moment for Marilee was turning the corner before walking down the aisle and seeing me, her groom, waiting for her in the beautiful gazebo and the shock of seeing the hundreds of people that actually showed up for the ceremony. They started cheering and yelling like they just saw a movie star pop out from behind the curtains. It was so funny and they were amazing. For me, the most memorable moment was the First Look. It was such an emotional moment, being able to see how beautiful my future wife looked in her wedding gown and I was finally able to breath and relax because I saw how fresh and stress free she looked, and I couldn’t believe that I’m actually finally going to marry her,” said Jason.

Our three favorite details from our wedding are, one, the arrangement and decor of the gazebo and the reception area. Our family was amazing in helping us put all the wedding winter trees together, hours of DIY hard work before the wedding and putting up the decor at the Grove in the freezing weather on the wedding day. Two, all the music details incorporated in the wedding from guitar pick favors, guitar guestbook, guitar case card box, music cake, live band, the poster seating chart listing all the table names, which were band names and programs created by our amazing friend. Three, our son (dog), Bamboo, was able to be a part of our wedding day and walk down the aisle with our nephew, Khaizen, as our ring bearers,” recalled the couple.

A piece of advice for other couples planning their wedding, is to designate one person, family member, friend or a few people, to assist you in making everything run smoothly and not to rely only on the coordinator of the wedding venue since they don’t know every little detail that you planned out for the wedding,” said Marilee.

The key factors in choosing a location for our wedding were if dogs were allowed so we could have our dog as our ring bearer, beautiful outdoor ceremony location, a reception area that could hold over 200 people and of course the price,” explained the couple.

Many years ago, even before planning our own wedding, I fell in love with the cinematography style wedding videos through cinematographers from the Philippines so I searched for cinematographers here in Las Vegas. I said that when we get married that it would have to be that type of wedding videography,” recalled Marilee.

Now that the wedding has commenced, we learned that we should have relaxed and enjoyed our wedding day more rather than worrying about photographs and little details and to savor every wonderful moment of that day. Not everything will turn out the way it should have but it is best to just have fun. It went by so fast, we didn’t even notice the time and then it was time to go. We didn’t get to do all the fun line dances we planned to do with everyone. The thing we thought that was most important is having our family and friends there. Our wedding day would not have turned out as wonderful and feel as special if they weren’t all there. We can’t seem to think about anything that was not worth the stress. Seeing everything come together on the wedding day and marrying your best friend, and getting a partner for life is definitely worth all the stress,” said Jason and Marilee.

Some advice I would suggest for future couples planning their wedding, is to allow enough time in your timeline for any delays. The very first person scheduled for our getting ready portion delayed the entire day. Make sure that you have others assigned to assist you so that everything runs smoothly. There were so many times before the ceremony that we needed our coordinator and could not locate her. It was difficult to tell someone else to grab her for us because no one else knew what she looked like and we couldn’t leave our dressing rooms for the guests to see us,” explained Marilee.

I loved watching wedding videos and I watched hundreds of videos from every wedding videography company in Las Vegas. None could compare to how amazing Memory Lane Video is. Their videos draw you in from the music they choose, the emotions they capture, the quality of the video and the way they tell the story. It is like watching a movie and you are crying along with the bride and groom in the video because you are able to feel their emotions,” Marilee recalled.

We always knew that we wanted Memory Lane Video to film our special day and we knew that we’d regret it if we didn’t. There were no other companies that we considered because for so many years, we already knew Memory Lane Video is the only one that can capture and tell the story of our special day perfectly,” said Jason and Marilee.

On the wedding day, what we admired most about Memory Lane Video was their dedication. We had three guys filming that day and we could tell that they are very passionate about what they do. They were so friendly and professional; they worked so hard and had so much patience. They put a lot of hard work and effort along with the freezing cold weather they had to deal with for hours trying to capture the special moments of our wedding day and they made sure that they captured moments perfectly,” recalled the couple.

Video is absolutely necessary for your wedding day. It captures moments, emotions and tells a better story than a photograph. It will give you a movie to watch of your wedding day and let you relive that special moment and see the moments that you missed,” said Marilee.

Jason and Marilee originally weren’t planning to do a honeymoon any time soon but a great deal popped up that we couldn’t resist. For their honeymoon, they were able to do a 4 night, 5 day Carnival Cruise. It took them to Catalina Island where they were able to zip line and go to Ensenada, Mexico where they did a wine tour. It was an amazing experience since it was both their first time to be on a cruise. They were able to relax and catch up on a lot of sleep that they were deprived of for weeks before the wedding. It was just nice for them to actually get some quality time together. With all the pre-wedding day chaos they didn’t get to spend a lot of quality time.

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