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Shellie and Derron’s story began way before their first date on August 5th, 2013. Shellie and Jillian (Derron’s sister) were friends since college.  Therefore, Shellie and Derron would often be at the same functions with other people they were dating. Shellie and Derron began getting to know each other at Jillian’s wedding. Shellie was supposed to bring a date to the wedding but (fortunately) the date was not able to attend. Derron also came to the wedding alone. She had been wanting to talk to Derron about their weight loss journeys for a while and the wedding was the perfect opportunity! During the reception, Derron and Shellie met at the bar where Derron bought Shellie a drink and then they danced the night away together. They were inseparable during the wedding.  Three days after Jillian’s wedding, Derron and Shellie went on their first date.

engaged couple picked the national day of love, February 14th, as their perfect day to be married! They wanted to have a destination wedding that would not put financial stress on their guests but still be a place that would also offer all sorts of fun activities. That perfect place just happened to be Las Vegas! After hours of researching the different wedding venues along the Las Vegas Strip, Shellie realized that she wanted a more intimate wedding. She eventually found a venue called The Grove. Shellie always loved gazebos and when she saw the gazebo option at The Grove, she knew that it was the ideal place to be married.

Derron and Shellie chose Memory Lane because of the “great reviews we saw online and the quality product we would receive.” They knew that with Memory Lane, every moment would be captured and edited to perfection!

Venue: The Grove | Photographer: M Place | Cinematography: Memory Lane Video-Las Vegas Wedding Videographers

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