DragonRidge Country Club – Susie + Tony – Las Vegas Wedding Videographers

Church: Green Valley Evangelical Lutheran, Pastor Don Pieper | Venue: Dragon Ridge Country Club | Photography: Crooks Photography | DJ/ Music:  Dream Entertainment | Florist: Flora Couture | Hair / Make-up: Circa Salon | Stationery: Shutterfly.com |Cinematography: Memory Lane Video, Las Vegas Wedding Videographers

Many girls start to dream of their wedding day from a very young age. On February 20th 2016 the dream came true for this one girl. Getting dressed up in a beautiful white dress, my mother helping attach my veil. The question from my father “ Are you ready?” moments before he walked his youngest daughter down the aisle. Her best friend greeting her at the end of the aisle to officially complete the bond and commitment to one another in front of friends and family to love and be true until the last day of our lives. It seemed to go by so quickly but it truly was the most spectacular day of my life.

# 1) Our story begins many years before this date even conspired. The story of Susie and Tony all started because two other people fell in love. A girl from Las Vegas, Nevada fell in love with a Canadian boy up on the internet and moved her up to northern Alberta. On December 30th 2006, all the way up in cold Canada is where we first met, “Hi, this is Tony” “ Hi, I’m Susie.” A fast introduction and that was it. We both went our separate ways for more than 7 years. A little visit in September 2013 brought Susie back to Vegas and a needed meet up with her friend. Somehow Tony was out at the same venue that night on Fremont Street

 “Hey do you remember Tony? He was at the wedding in Canada?” We talked and laughed and the night continued and we find ourselves enjoying the light show out on the downtown strip.  Something just clicked, this guy was awesome, he was charming, funny, polite, intriguing, super handsome and a great kisser! He asked what I was doing the next day and asked if he could take me on a helicopter ride. I assumed it was joke and no way does he have access to a helicopter but I gave him my number and he was going to call me the next day.

#2) We did end up going on a date and he did take me on that helicopter ride. It was a personal tour all around the state of Nevada. When I got home to Canada everyone thought I was on an episode of the bachelor where our date was filmed with this extravagant helicopter ride and this handsome man looking for love.

For the next few months of our long distance relationship Tony would come up to Canada and I would fly to Vegas, back and forth on my work flight benefits and we are happy to say we got to spend a lot of time together. #3) This all changed one visit I decided to come a day early to watch a football game with Tony. He told me absolutely come early but know I have a full day of work taking flights to the Grand Canyon tomorrow so I might be spending the day alone. We were watching the football game sadly our team lost. Tony’s boss called to tease him about the final score and advised him that he had a family of 5 going on his morning flight. “Susie, want to come to the Grand Canyon tomorrow?” I’ve never been, take your girlfriend to work day, it didn’t take me long to respond yes!

Sitting at the office the next morning getting ready for the flight was fun. I got to share I was visiting from Canada and Tony introduced me as his girlfriend to the tour group. Once we landed for our champagne breakfast he told me to enjoy and walk around, I was taking selfies and trying to soak it all in. I wanted to try and get a photo of him and I at the bottom of the Grand Canyon and after a few more photos the kind passenger asked if he could take a photo of Tony and I, I replied yes please. Tony asked where do you want to stand. I picked the spot and posed for the shot. All of a sudden Tony asked if the guy could turn the camera to video? I was confused? What? Why? What are you doing? He grabbed both my hands and turned me towards him. Tony knelt down on one need and asked me to marry him. I was utterly shocked, I had no clue this was going to happen. I responded with an excited “Yes, Oh My God YES!” I didn’t cry, everyone anticipated I would cry. I was so happy.

Living here in Vegas for such a short time and not knowing many businesses I found that the wedding shows are a major help in planning your wedding day. #4) This is where I found Dragon Ridge Country Club and where I first met Millie, I felt as if she was my long lost friend that just wanted me to have my picture perfect wedding. Dragon Ridge is a classy, beautiful and memorable place. It was a private golf club establishment where we were the only wedding of the day. Millie and her assistant Nikki are so professional and personable. Our numerous meetings and back and forth emails made me feel these girls actually care about me. Milie and Nikki went above and beyond to help us with our dream wedding.

#5) I had always wanted a videographer to record my wedding day. Millie suggested getting in contact with Memory Lane. I remember seeing them at the wedding shows and decided I should check them out. There is a difference in someone setting up a video camera and hitting the record button, and the service that Memory Lane offers. I wanted the above and beyond. I would watch the videos they had on their website over and over again. We planned a consultation and even though I left the office in tears, good tears we created an outstanding bond with John from Memory Lane. I was so excited for him to be a part of our wedding day. I saw John and the Memory Lane crew at a few more wedding shows after our first consultation. They greeted me with open arms and were just as excited to be a part of our day as the bride to be.

Photos are a big part of who I am, I love that people share videos on cell phones, Ipads, social media and even at dinner party’s. I had created a slide show that included all our friends and family that attended the wedding that played in a loop during dinner.

#8) Meggan from Dream Entertainment created a fantastic his&her   slide show that we used as our grand entrance introduction. Our DJ was Anthony from Dream Entertainment. He set a fantastic mood for the night, he had people on the dance floor until we had to shut the place down.

#9) Sadly with a lot of my family from Canada not being able to attend the wedding we were hopeful to find a videographer to portray the wedding timeline to make our family feel that they were a part of the wedding day.  #10) The Memory Lane company is so creative and the capture the whole experience. The boys helped create a timeline for the wedding day. With this being our first time ever being married I appreciate their guidance and advise to get the “good shots” and the “most romantic shots.” Once the ceremony is done, all the photos are taken, the gifts are open, and the visitors return home all I wanted for the anniversaries and special occasions was to watch my video over and over again. To see the smiles, the love, hear the laughs, the kind messages and the music of the night. Our wedding went by so fast, to fast. I appreciate and love that Memory Lane was able to capture the night, the love and the experience from beginning to end.