Wedgewood Estates – Aletha + Michael – Las Vegas Wedding Videographers

Photography Company:  Photo Booth:  Good Life Photo Booth Company, Los Angeles, CA | Florist:  Exotic Florist of Las Vegas | Hair & Make Up:  Makeup:  Erin James | Cake/Sweets:  Freed’s Bakery of Las Vegas | DJ/Band:  Sherdon Aquino – DJ Slip, Las Vegas; Daryn Sessoms – DJ Suave, Washington DC  Invitations:  Wedding Paper Divas | Cinematography: Memory Lane Video, Las Vegas Wedding Videographers

Aletha and Michael both attended colleges in the Atlanta University Center and had mutual friends. However, they did not officially meet one another until a homecoming party eight years after their graduation! Fate would bring them together from time to time. Their friendship started to grow after several meetings.

Their first date would be a  dinner at a local sushi restaurant in the Castleberry Hills neighborhood of Atlanta. They sat and talked for several hours and made plans to hang out the very next day! The following day, they attempted to go to a local gun range for target practice since that would have been a new experience for both of them. However, because of their lack of knowledge about guns, they were not allowed to continue since they did not know how to load a gun.

In 2014, they planned a European vacation. They traveled around Europe from Barcelona, Paris, Rome, to Amsterdam. Michael’s plan was to propose to Aletha while they were in the City of Love, Paris. While in Paris, they had numerous activities lined up for the day. They went to add a lock to the Pont des Arts Bridge, went up the Eiffel Tower, and ended the night on a river cruise that had fabulous views of Paris. Around dusk, Michael wanted to stop at by a local store to buy a bottle of wine so they could sit in the courtyard and await the evening lights from the Eiffel Tower. They found a private spot that had an awesome view. At that point, Michael knew that it was the perfect moment to pop the question to Aletha. He proposed right as the tower began to illuminate. They spent the rest of the evening enjoying each other’s company and discussed their future life together while the lights of Paris were shining brightly around them.

They did not have any special reason for choosing their wedding date. But after they picked their day, they realized that their wedding date added up to a pair of sevens (4+3 and 1+6). Their wedding will always hold a little bit of Vegas luck.

Aletha and Michael knew that they wanted to host their wedding in Las Vegas and they scouted out a number of hotels on the Las Vegas Strip since they thought it would be more convenient for their destination guests. They were searching for that perfect venue. A family friend who once lived in Vegas suggested that they should explore the venues off the strip and their search led them to find Wedgewood at Stallion Mountain. They put their trust in the online reviews and photos and booked the venue without seeing the venue in person but they could not risk losing their wedding date. On the way from Los Angeles for a Thanksgiving weekend, they decided to stop in Las Vegas to view the venue in person and meet with the coordinators. Once they saw the property and the amazing views, they fell in love with the even more and knew that they made the right decision.

The day was filled with wonderful moments but the most memorable moment for both of them was when they exchanged their wedding vows and the unintended cousin dance battle during their reception.

For Michael, no amount of money mattered when deciding to have an open bar at their wedding. He said that it took the “fun level” up a notch. According to Aletha, she did not mind spending a little extra on the fresh floral and centerpieces. In the beginning, she did not want to spend a lot of money on the flowers but she slowly began to appreciate what a simple centerpiece could do for the overall décor. She was also happy with the floral design on their wedding cake. However, together they agreed that having a videographer was worth the investment.

The heard about Memory Lane Video through online wedding sites and decided to learn more about Memory Lane because of its high ratings and popularity in Las Vegas. After seeing the sample videos on the website, they were sold with the idea of booking with Memory Lane.

On the day of Aletha and Michael’s wedding, they admired how the videographers were able to capture every detail. Furthermore, they were impressed how professional they were &  how they conveyed authenticity and did their best to keep everything on schedule. Michael added that “Memory Lane ‘bodied’ the photographers and showed them how to properly capture a moment”.

For future couples, Aletha and Michael want to advise them to hire a videographer. The day moves by so quickly and it will be over before anyone has time to realize where the day goes. The bride and groom get pulled in a million different directions throughout the day and will not remember everything that happened. Having a video of their special day will help the couple relive the moments as many times as they want for years to come. Aletha and Michael added that Memory Lane Video is a very professional and reliable company that taking great pride in their services and that should be the type of video company that any engaged couple would want to handle the memories from their big day.

Apart from Memory Lane, the couple was extremely glad that they chose Wedgewood at Stallion Mountain as their venue. The staff was helpful when putting everything together and introducing them to Exotic Florist of Las Vegas who did an amazing job helping to bring their floral vision to life! Lastly, they were pleased with Good Life Photo Booth of Los Angeles apart of their wedding day because everyone was able to capture great pictures and it added another element of fun to the evening.

In the future, Michael and Aletha pray that they will remain healthy both physically and spiritually. They want to continue to build off of the positive momentum from day one of their marriage. In five years, they want to have a family already started and plan on having great ventures surrounding their barbecue competitive team!

Photography Company: Photo Booth: Good Life Photo Booth Company, Los Angeles, CA | Florist: Exotic Florist of Las Vegas | Hair & Make Up: Makeup: Erin James | Cake/Sweets: Freed’s Bakery of Las Vegas | DJ/Band: Sherdon Aquino - DJ Slip, Las Vegas; Daryn Sessoms - DJ Suave, Washington DC Invitations: Wedding Paper Divas | Cinematography: Memory Lane Video, Las Vegas Wedding Videographers