Wedgewood Estates – Grace + Chris – Las Vegas Wedding Videographers

Venue: Wedgewood Las Vegas at Stallion Mountain | Photographers:  Bryce Cacpal & Aaron Ugale | Florist: ACS Floral & Events | Hair:  Ms. Park | Make Up:  Kim Katunis | Cake:  Freed’s Bakery | DJ:  DJ Murphy | Invitations:  Wedgewood | Wedding Planners:  Wedgwood Team | Cinematography: Memory Lane Video – Las Vegas Wedding Videographers

From Cubicles to Caterers: The Beginning

For Grace and Chris, it all began at Prada. They met at work, became fast friends, and then started to date. Of course, they didn’t want to tell anyone at first (that came later on Instagram!), as they both knew it wasn’t the best idea to date a coworker.  But sometimes, you just have to embrace life’s magic as it comes. And for Grace and Chris, enchantment arrived among cubicles, squeaking office chairs, and drumming keyboards.  The day Chris proposed, Grace had to go into work for an early meeting. On the drive home, she called to let him know about her plans for the rest of the day. He mumbled lazy responses and didn’t seem to pay much attention, giving Grace the impression that he was still lounging around the house.  The moment Grace came the door, she saw Chris standing at the top of the stairs. She climbed up to meet him with mounting curiosity, not quite knowing what to expect and never supposing that he had a ring for her with her name on it.

When she reached the landing, Grace spotted a large white box sitting on a bar stool with three balloons tied to it of various sizes. On top of the box was a pin and a piece of paper with instructions to pop each balloon, going from the shortest to the tallest. She obeyed and found a note in each balloon:

1st note: Here is just

2nd note: A little something

3rd note: To take on our trip

After reading these, she was told to open the box, and inside she found yet another small note:

But first will you marry me?

Grace looked on in wonder as Chris proceeded to take a ring box out from behind a couch pillow and go down on one knee. When he popped the question, Grace gave an exhilarated “yes” and then followed a burst of happy tears—from Chris, that is.

Choosing the Place of Enchantment

Grace and Chris had a lot to plan for the big day, and they wanted to find a package that gave them exactly what they wanted: a great package, a lovely view, and an open bar. They ended up selecting Wedgewood; the package came with everything they wanted, as well as a helpful and detailed staff. As for the view—well, the gorgeous array of mountains made it seem like the couple had been dropped straight into fairyland rather than Vegas. And the open bar that came with the deal was an additional plus.

The ceremony itself was beautiful, but afterwards, two events in particular burned like diamonds among the swirl of memories: the moving speech of Grace’s father and the first moment Chris saw Grace walk down the aisle. Swathed in her beautiful gown and looking fresh as morning dew, he couldn’t help but tear up as he beheld the woman who was finally going to be his wife.

After the vows, what followed was a reception that met all of their expectations. Grace loved the open bar and for Chris, the entire wedding was a perfectly executed dreamland.

Apart from Memory Lane, Chris and Grace absolutely loved Ann from ACS Floral & Events. “Our decorations, center pieces, and aisle looked stunning,” the happy couple stated. In fact, they were so pleased with the options they were given that they ended up spending double the amount they’d originally anticipated!

The Magic of Live Memories

The crowning achievement for both of them, however, was the videography conducted by Memory Lane. Grace and Chris stated that if they were to describe the necessity of video for a wedding to friends, they’d absolutely recommend it. “…Without a film to capture all the moments, you could only imagine and reflect back based on memory, which all fades in time. A video is timeless in the best way.”

Chris and Grace don’t really know what is in store for them as they start their new life together but they are certain of at least one thing: they’re excited to read this next chapter of their story.

Wedgewood Estates
Photographers: Bryce Cacpal & Aaron Ugale