Emerald at QueensRidge – Jessica + Chase – Las Vegas Wedding Videographers

Photographer: Cashman Brothers Photography | Florist: Sun City-Summerlin Flowers | Hair: Nicole Fiammetta | Make Up: Briana Michelle Beauty | Cake: Rolling In Dough Bakery | DJ: High Flyin’ Entertainment Invitations: Vistaprint | Wedding Planners: Cicely, Bree, and Pam from Emerald at Queensridge | Cinematography: Memory Lane Video, Las Vegas Wedding Videographers

Jessica and Chase first noticed each other when they were in high school. Jessica was a freshman and Chase was a junior at Cimarron Memorial High School in Las Vegas. Jessica was taking a Sports Medicine class and working with the boy’s varsity soccer team. Chase just happened to be on that soccer team. The first time Jessica saw Chase was when soccer team was practicing. One of Jessica’s first thoughts about Chase was that he was “gorgeous and way out of my league”. However, Chase did not think this because he sat down right next to her in the grass and introduced himself. They started out as friends for a while because Jessica already had a boyfriend at that time. Fast forward a year, the two ran into each other at the mall one day while Jessica was shopping with a friend and Chase was with a group of friends. Chase instantly recognized Jessica then he walked over to her to say hello and ask for her number. Jessica was ecstatic! With almost no time at all, they fell for each other and dated for a over a year. Unfortunately, it was not the right time for them to date because they broke up and took a seven year break! After those seven years, fate decided that it was time to bring those two back together one last time. Those seven years made the two mature and learn more about themselves. One day three years ago, Chase found Jessica on Facebook and emailed her. Jessica must of had a strong intuition because she knew that the message notification was from Chase before she even clicked on it! Jessica remembered how she had butterflies in her stomach and how she felt like she was back in high school. They started to talk once again and this time the sparks flew! They knew that the time was right this time and fell in love all over again! Now they cannot imagine their lives without each other!

Their first date was like any other traditional date. They went to dinner and then played a few games of at the bowling alley. Chase took Jessica to the Yard House, which is one of Jessica’s favorite restaurants. They ate dinner, had a few drinks, and sat at the bar talking for hours. Originally after dinner, the two were supposed to go their separate ways. However, they did not was the night to end and leave the other, so that led them to go bowling. In hindsight, bowling was a bad idea on Jessica’s part because she was so nervous that she scored a 37! Luckily, they can still laugh about it, even to this day. At the end of the night, they shared their (second) first kiss and they described it as “magical”!

The day of the proposal was magical right from the start! Jessica has always been a huge Disney fan. She did not grow up with much but her mom would always save up just enough money to take her and her brother to Disneyland every year. Jessica said that is has always been her happy place. After her and Chase started dating, they visited the most happy place on earth a few times and Chase grew to love it just as much as Jessica did. Chase never visited Disneyland during the holiday season to see all the Christmas decorations, so the two decided to make a trip in December of 2014 along with Jessica’s mother,  brother, sister-in-law, niece, and nephew.

The whole gang left at three in the morning. On the way there, Jessica fell asleep but Chase woke her up when a meteor shower started. Jessica had never seen a shooting star before and through that morning she saw hundreds and was able to share that moment with Chase.

They arrived to Disneyland as soon as the gates opened. They made a beeline to their favorite place to have Mickey Mouse pancakes for breakfast and then Chase said that he wanted to go take pictures in front of the famous castle. As the whole group made it to the castle, Jessica’s family and best friends were walking out of the photo. Jessica was confused by this until Chase got down on one knee and asked Jessica to marry him. Of course Jessica said “YES”! They spent the whole day at Disneyland, celebrating their engagement with all of the people who they cared about the most. It was one of the most perfect days!

The couple got engaged on December 14, 2014 and soon they realized that it would take at least a year before they could afford the wedding they truly wanted. After waiting almost ten years, they did not want to wait an extra year so they planned to elope on February 27th. It was just the two of them. Jessica wore a simple dress, they bought traditional wedding bands, and they went downtown to the courthouse to get married. On their way home, it started to rain. They pulled over and had their first dance as husband and wife in the rain! They will always remember that day as the “most romantic, spontaneous, and perfect day”. Even though they were already married, they wanted to have another wedding. This time a big wedding where they could renew their vows in front of their family. Jessica and Chase spent the whole next year preparing for that huge wedding. Unfortunately another couple already booked February 27, 2016, so they picked February 28th. Exactly 366 days after their first wedding day. Chase always said that marrying each other was so nice that they just had to do it twice!

When choosing the wedding venue, the most important aspect for Jessica and Chase was that the ceremony and the reception were in the same location. Since the both were raised in Las Vegas, they did not want to have a wedding that was located anywhere near the Strip. They wanted their wedding to be outdoors at sunset. They found the multiple venues that fitted their wants but they ultimately fell in love with Emerald at Queensridge. The two immediately set up an appointment to take a tour of the place. After the tour, they realized that it was everything they dreamed of and more! From the outdoor wedding garden to the grand ballroom to the bridal/groom suite for getting ready. Everything was perfect and they could not have been any happier.

Throughout the wedding day, numerous events took place. The most memorable moment for Jessica and Chase was when they were reading their vows. When they eloped, they used the traditional wedding vows. This time around, they wanted to read each other something from the heart. They both ended up crying while listening to the other’s vows, knowing that they meant each and every word. The two still have the papers that they wrote their vows on in a frame that hangs over their bed so that they will never forget the promises they made to each other.

It took about a year to save up enough money for their wedding day. Chase believes that spending that money on his suits was worth it as he believes that they looked “pretty darn dapper”. For Jessica, spending that little extra for the photographer and videographer makes up for the prices. Although both were one of the most expensive parts of the wedding, they know that 50 years from now they will still be looking back at the photos and video remembering what an amazing day it was. They could never put a price on memories!

Jessica heard about Memory Lane Video through another nurse that Jessica works with at a hospital. The other nurse has used Memory Lane for her wedding video service and she only had wonderful things to say. Jessica and Chase booked with Memory Lane right after the first meeting. Everyone was friendly from the moment they walked into when they walked out. They watched a few of the highlight videos and they could not believe how emotional they both became when watching videos of couples they never even saw before becoming husband and wife. They knew from that moment that they wanted a videographer that could capture those raw emotions and love from the wedding day. They could not even research any other video company after meeting with Memory Lane because “Memory Lane was the right choice” for them!

On the day of Chase and Jessica’s second wedding, they admired how comfortable the Memory Lane staff made them both feel. Jessica is the type of person who gets camera shy but the staff was able to crack a few jokes to put Jessica at ease and told her to pretend that she was talking to Chase instead of a camera. They also loved how the staff was not afraid to have fun when capturing the shots. At one point, Jessica saw one of the videographers lying on the ground with her two year old nephew to get a video from his point of view. That will be an adorable memory that she will always have.

Their advice for future couples is to invest money in a great photographer and videographer! When all is said and done, the memories will be all you have left of the wedding day. Chase and Jessica felt so lucky that they will have photos and a video to look back on over the years and to show them to their children and grandchildren. Their wedding day was one of the best days of their lives and they were so grateful to Memory Lane for helping them preserve those memories for years to come.

Apart from Memory Lane, the couple was happy with Rolling In Dough Bakery for their amazing ability to create a four tier cake with cream cheese rainbow sprinkled filling and buttercream frosting all on a confetti/funfetti cake! It was “absolutely gorgeous”! The cake received countless number of compliments from the guests.

In the future, Jessica and Chase plan on growing even closer together and eventually start a family, which they have already started working on! They also look forward to buying their first home together within this year. In five years, they want to be as happy as they are now!

Photographer: Cashman Brothers Photography | Florist: Sun City-Summerlin Flowers | Hair: Nicole Fiammetta | Make Up: Briana Michelle Beauty | Cake: Rolling In Dough Bakery | DJ: High Flyin’ Entertainment Invitations: Vistaprint | Wedding Planners: Cicely, Bree, and Pam from Emerald at Queensridge | Cinematography: Memory Lane Video, Las Vegas Wedding Videographers


  1. What a beautiful story. So glad I could be there to witness it all. Maybe one day soon it will be Jason and I! Congrats you two! Cheers to the next life celebration together!

  2. What a beautiful story. Chase I knew you when you were just a small child. Your father has been a great friend and I am so happy for the whole family. I can relate to your story as I married my high school sweetheart and we made it through the tough times. Remember to always respect your wife. BTW…Thanks for the loan of your golf clubs a few weeks ago!