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“Dayton is becoming a Millwright and one day hopes to own a shop with his brother while I work at a boutique flower shop one day hoping to own it!” explains Savanna!   There’s always a funny story behind a married couple’s first meeting.. “Dayton and I met when I transferred junior high schools. We’ve been together since grade 8 and I guess you could say our first date was when Dayton could finally drive (about two years later) and we went to dinner without any parents!” says Savanna.

“Our three most favorite details from the wedding were having all our friends and family to dance and celebrate with, saying our vows and hearing heartfelt speeches from our loved ones” added the couple. There’s nothing than better than sharing your happiness with your loved ones.

Anything involving planning is bound to create stress, but Savanna included that “my advice to other couples when planning their wedding would be to enjoy the process and partner with vendors you really trust, we didn’t stress knowing we had everyone truly caring about our day.”
Savannah happily shared “When choosing our reception venue, it was clear that we wanted to celebrate at the Lodge at the Lawn in the JW Marriott. My sister and I had always said one day we would marry there and it was a dream come true.” . Dreams really do come true!
“Aside from Memory Lane, we were so happy to share the day with Malea of  Malea Ellet Photography as well as Arlene and her husband from Sound Fusion Entertainment.” added the couple.
Events don’t thoroughly go as planned.. but “My dad reminded me many times to ‘not sweat the small stuff’ and we really didn’t. Not when we couldn’t find the marriage documents, not when the lighting didn’t go as planned, and not when we strayed from the original plan in a few areas. Looking back, I’m glad that we didn’t stress over any of that because it didn’t take from our day in any way!” Listen to Savanna and don’t sweat the small stuff, especially the one’s you have no control over.
Discussing Memory Lane Video, the couple shared that “We wanted to book Memory Lane because of their attention to detail and high quality videos. Having a video to look back on and let you relive the day is priceless.”
“On the day of the event, Memory Lane took care to be there but also be hidden which we appreciated.” also included the couple.
“We personally feel video is important because it allows you to relive the day. You’re so caught up in the moment and excitement of the day that something passes your memory and the video saves it forever.” says the couple.
“We honeymooned in Hawaii, there’s something nostalgic about honeymooning in Hawaii. Dayton had never been there and we wanted some place that would create a sense of adventure and relaxation all in one.” concluded the couple. Congrats Savanna and Dayton, best wishes!
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