M Resort Spa Casino – Candyce + Rodney – Las Vegas Wedding Videographers


Vendor: The M Resort | Photographers/ Photography Company: Kira with KandyLane Photography | Decor Company & Linens: Lucia Tovalin with By Dzign | Florist: Lucia Tovalin with By Dzign | Hair & Makeup: Le – Independent MUA | Cake/Sweets: The M Resort | DJ/Band: Burst Flames Entertainment  | Invitations: MINTED.com | Lighting: The M Resort | Cinematography: Memory Lane Video, Las Vegas Wedding Videographers

“The way that Rodney proposed was truly special. We believe it’s best presented from both of our points of view”



I was presented with an opportunity that would open doors to allow me to achieve my dream…becoming a world-traveling culinary journalist. I created a networking connection with a representative for Food Network. They suggested my move to Las Vegas so that I could supplement my Advertising/Marketing and Journalism background with an 18-month culinary school degree. Upon completion, I will have the opportunity to do magazine and block writing for a network that always held my rapt attention as a child. I am even working with a Food Network Chef (Chris Santos) in the meantime! This begins my travel up the ladder where, hopefully, I will network and rise to become a writer for famed publications such as W and Vogue. This cross-country move starts a new chapter in my life, but I can’t help but wonder, have I lost my King forever?


“My Queen is gone.

God woke me up on a Monday morning with a new and inspiring feeling. He placed on my heart that it was time for me to be with the woman that He placed in my life six years previously. I made it my mission to accept God’s vision and to pursue happiness and the woman that I was in love with. I knew everything was right when I was offered a job in under a week located in Las Vegas, and I had an offer to buy out my current lease in Indianapolis. This would allow me to move in the time that I needed to. Vegas would definitely be a change of normalcy for me, but I have been presented with opportunities to coach High School basketball and run my own AAU team! It was one step closer to starting my own basketball organization. My last mission was to make sure that I made this woman the love of my life, for the REST of my life, and to ask for her hand in marriage. Before I could do that, I knew I had to receive her family’s blessing. Her family was more than happy to give me their blessing, and I was able to find the perfect rose gold engagement ring. I said goodbye to family and friends and decided to drive 27 hours across the country with a mutual good friend of ours to be with the one I am deeply in love with. Immediately after arriving in Las Vegas, I dropped to my knee to ask my Queen to be my partner within a covenant with God for eternity…and she said YES!”

The couple was asked why they chose the venue that they did and they answered, “We actually spent New Years in Vegas in 2015. Way before either of us knew that we would move here. During that trip, we decided to throw GPS to the wind and just go on an exploratory drive throughout this great city. We happened upon The M Resort because we saw the building in the distance and made a bet with each other about what it was. When we saw it was a resort casino, we parked and walked around the hotel. We were amazed at the views and the towering walls of fresh flowers throughout the grounds. That day is such a great memory for us. So, when we fast forward to two years later, it became the perfect backdrop for our ceremony of love! To think that, on vacation, we walked the halls that would see us become husband and wife is just amazing.”

During the planning process, decisions have to be made regarding what a couple wants to spend money on and what is more important and worth the money, we asked the couple what they believed was money well spent. They answered, Him – “I think that the money was well spent on Memory Lane! It felt like we were on the set of a television show. It just made the day feel so surreal and even more special.”

Her– Other than the amazing videographers and photographer, I really loved our florist, Lucia Tovalin, from By Dzign. She did such an amazing job recreating my vision: from the bouquets, the centerpieces, to the cake decorations. Everything was perfect!”

Weddings consist of a lot of different vendors so we asked what vendor was the couple’s favorite from their special day. They said, “The vendor that we were thrilled with the most throughout our wedding planning was definitely our photographer! I met her at a bridal event about 5 days after my engagement, and I just knew that she was the one that I wanted to capture our special moments! Miss Kira with KandyLane Photography is more than just talented behind a lens. She is a special soul that I feel honored to know. She made us feel so comfortable and I will appreciate her always.”

We asked the couple why they decided to book Memory Lane Video and what they thoroughly enjoyed our company and they answered with, “It was necessary for us to book Memory Lane Video. They do more than film events; they capture the true essence of their clients. They give people the gift of being able to connect emotionally with their memories through art. I thank them for that so much. On the day of the event, we most admired the professionalism and confidence of the Memory Lane team. They were so prepared and so knowledgeable about the perfect shots to get. We know that the finished product is going to supersede anything that we’ve ever dreamed!”

Other couples might not consider video so we asked this couple to give some advice, “to future potential clients; photos are great. They are convenient little reminders of special moments in our past. But, NOTHING can replace or overshadow the importance of video. Especially for moments like your wedding day. Photos can remind us, but video can TRANSPORT us if done right. And Memory Lane does it right. To see the emotion in your eyes and hear the quiver in your voice…to hear your past self-express thoughts you long forgot were running through your mind that day…to relive snapshots of history as if you were there in real time….that is irreplaceable.”