The Wellington Place – Evangelica + Jermaine – Las Vegas Wedding Videographers

Today we learn of such a loving, kind hearted couple by the names of Evangelica, being a certified teacher at an elementary school in Abu Dhabi where she teaches kindergarten, and Jermaine, finishing his last year of school online to obtain his degree in Psychology. Jermaine also works with the juvenile detention centers while both of them share the passion of working with children and hope to start a National government organization for children at risk.

The two had met while at Walla Walla University in Washington. Evangelica had currently been working in the loan department when Jermaine came to inquire about a loan. “Shortly afterwards, and after a change of clothes, Jermaine would come back to ask for help again!” Giggled Evangelica.  “We had several date nights from homework lessons, lunches and taking walks, all in while simply enjoying each others company in everything we chose to do.” Shared Evangelica and Jermaine.

Memory Lane Video asked for our sweet couple to share their most memorable part of their wedding day and this is their response, “The last dance we shared! Our guests had circled us and began to rotate around while singing in unison! Special energy and celebration of our lives together just made the moment paramount.” Shared emotional Evangelica.

Now Memory Lane Video would like to share three favorite details from Evangelica and Jermaine’s wedding day with all of you reading. “The feeling of the ceremony and reception was our top favorite. The music would have to come next and then of course, our bridal party attire! We wanted a meaningful ceremony that progressed into a celebratory reception, with the help of our wedding planners, we able to achieve just that. Music was very important being we had wanted to set the mood and ambience for our guests with good vibes while making everything run smoothly. In choosing our bridal party attire, we wanted simple, yet elegant and felt satisfied with our ending decisions.” Shared Jermaine and Evangelica.

When it comes to advice, Memory Lane Video likes to have our newly weds shed some light for future couples looking to celebrate their weddings. “Have your wedding around a holiday, this way most of your guests will be able to request the time off to attend. Remember to work together as a team, because the time you put into planning your wedding, will be rewarding in the end. Another good point is to enjoy yourselves, nothing is perfect but the day is for the both of you joining spirits together!” With great honor shared Jermaine and Evangelica. “We learned to not over plan, try to have one planned activity a day. Not only that, but also try to pick a venue that has as much included as possible! This will save you so much time and stress, and you will have the option of adding on packages to make it your own!”

“In choosing Wellington Place for our venue, it was all inclusive with the wedding and reception. We could get everything from one spot and make alterations with other vendors if we chose to. We also loved the staff at Wellington Place, once we met them, we know that this as where we wanted to get married.” Shared our two lovebirds.

“We had spent a lot of time researching different videographers when we came across Memory Lane Video. We were impressed with their quality and reviews on Wedding Wire as well as other sites. After watching a few of their videos from their youtube channel, we were hooked! Especially now days with everyone having smart phones, we wanted a video that did more than just record. Memory Lane Videohad interviews, background music, scenes that cut in with scenic shots, it was like your very own reality wedding show!” Laughed Jermaine and Evangelica. “Memory Lane Videowas very professional during our wedding day and understood how to get shots without taking away from those special moments. We could barely even tell that they were there!”

When it comes down to it, the importance of having video for your wedding day is, “Highly important because some moments just can’t be captured in photographs and those tend to be the moments treasured most on your wedding day. Video captures everything from funny and epic, to romance and tears of happiness! No poses like photographs, instead you get natural real moments as they unfold. You get to see moments you may have missed and be able to share those moments with everyone while never forgetting the true emotion captured on that day!” Shared Evangelica and Jermaine while looking into each other’s eyes.

Memory Lane Video most certainly loves to hear where our newly weds will be spending their honeymoon as they celebrate together. “We will be spending our honeymoon in India. We plan on taking tours of different cities including Gowa. We also chose India because it is on Evangelicas’ list of top places to visit in the world!” Shared with a big smile from Jermaine.

Memory Lane Video would like to give a big round of applause to our lovely and truly sweet newly weds. “Evangelica and Jermaine, we send you our best wishes through your travels and journey through life together as husband and wife. We thank you for choosing us to capture your unique wedding and congratulations!” Shared the staff of Memory Lane Video team.